Born as Aditya Prambudhi on June 19, 1980, Demian Aditya started learning magic by himself at the age of 10. His career began when he entered Abang & None Jakarta Kepulauan Seribu (Jakarta – Seribu Island Pageant) in 2002, resulted him as Mr Congeniality & Favourite. In 2007 Demian starred his first own TV show, Demian Sang Illusionist (Demian The Illusionist) for two years, then hosted SCTV’s TV show ‘House of Demian’. After being guest stars in many shows including Begadang in Trans7, in 2010 Demian hosted another TV show, Gara-Gara Magic (Because of Magic). After that periode, in term of TV appearances, Demian was more focused on TV’s big shows. In 2016, he hosted Rahasia Mimpi (Secret of Dreams), a new Trans7’s program. Publicity stunt has always been his obsession. Some he has done were teleportation of a 8m diameter ball with 7 people from Jakarta to Bandung (2008), staying inside an icebox waist-high for 7 hours (2012), and buried in cement for more than 50 hours (2015).

Besides magic, Demian also has an interest in digital area. He produces his own vlog #EverydayDemian , along with his other videos, on his youtube channel Demian Aditya Channel. Another side of Demian is also shown on his horror videos with his wife, Sara Wijayanto . Together with Sara’s brother, Wisnu, they formed Afterlife Production, specialized in horror & mystery genre. Some of the videos are #Rumah78 series and #jangantakut series, can be seen in Demian Channel.

But magic has and always will be his world, and he feels obligated to continue teaching the next generation of magic. #IHateCameraTricksMagic , a social media campaign that shows magicians doing magic without cameratricks. It’s also going offline, by the form of training camp for selected magicians.


Spectacular Show


Buried in The Cement for 50 Hours more

This action was carried live on 22 s / d May 24, 2015 in front of the mall lobby FX Center, many visitors who come to support Demian in listed his name as the first man who did the most extreme action in the world. Action is also aired live on RTV station in 2015 until Demian out of the cement has hardened. After the exit (without assistance) from the cement has hardened and heat, Demian walking and finally fell suddenly, so it had to be taken to hospital.



Surviving in a Crate Filled Ice

Surviving in a crate filled by ice flake ice covered his body up to the waist for a total of 7 hours nonstop. This spectacular action aired live on SCTV from the initial preparation to finally Demian remove it from the fridge. This action gave birth to another nickname for him, “Demian The Iceman”.



Teleportation a Giant Ball

Teleportation a giant ball with a diameter of 8 meters along with 7 people from the audience who participated from Blok S Jakarta Golf Courses to Gasibu Bandung, West Java.








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